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Posted by hcvp on April 13, 2007

p1010201_2.jpg Hello it’s Viva Loca Home girl esq. Hanging out, just washed off the zombie “gew” umm…having a good Friday the 13th

Hey, its Sarah, ditzy P.A. in the house…it was fun workin with these girls, they’re a good time…watch for the movie!

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words from the vampangel

Posted by hcvp on April 7, 2007

Hello darlings … Setla here from the hardcore Vamps Prods. headquarters.  We just finished another long afternoon of shooting.  How xhuasted am I?  Very!  But worth it as always.  Did some more Mickie James works and realized how much I really don’t like her, but as Harley pointed out – she is a part of me.  I guess that means I’m not a big fan of myself then. lol.   Oh well.

I think we got a lot done today – besides bitching about the men in our lives (or lack thereof) had some tea, some botched iced tea, and some more tea.  We also made some casting calls … quite literally actually.  Called up some of my homeboys and they came through for me.  So we gots our two juggalos now for the few scenes that we need them for.  Maybe we can find a hawt juggalo for Harley that’s juggalicious enough for her.  Can you handle it?  Probably not.  We’re some tough bitches over here.  You have to be a pretty strong man to handle us … good luck.

A-a-a-nyway – enough about the weaker sex.  Actually nevermind –  more along that topic.  My show is getting written.  It’s coming along nicely.  I have half the script written for Taking Back the Garden – moving along to Act 2 … I have to say I’m quite proud of it.  Can’t wait until it’s finished.  If you want to learn more about this PRO FEMALE, but not anti male show, visit: Phat Angel

Also, as always, we are still looking for people to be in our productions – give us a shout if you’re interested.

Until then  … peace

xoxo ~ Setlap1010133.jpg

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The Renfield Movement

Posted by salamandergrey on April 6, 2007

robins.jpg The Renfield Movement  is what I have been calling my essay (some would say my manifesto). And I guess it’s time I started to explain it.  Pretty much everybody around the hcvp headquarters knows what I am getting at, we see it every day on the city streets and in the media.  Now I know this is not going to be a popular idea, or at lest I should say not a positive one. What I am meaning when I say the Renfield Movement, is the fact that Vampirism has become a religion.  Not the act of vampirism (though one could say it has but that is another conversation in itself) but the fact the media has turned the idea of the vampire into a god.  Alot of “lifestylers” have bought into the media’s fictional iconic vampire and mixing it with paganism have created a religion based on the vampire. Therefore more and more people in the last 35 years have become part of the Renfield Movement.    This is my thesis, and the main point to my essay.  I will be talking more about this over time.

– Salamandergrey

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Having A Linda Blair Moment

Posted by salamandergrey on April 5, 2007

robins.jpg Right, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off  in the hcvp headquarters trying to get some work done.  Phones like to ring when I am working…people don’t like the answering machine message which mentions that we “are most likely watching vampire films….” so they usually just hang up midway through the machine’s spiel.  Fine for me, then I can continue to try to get some work done on the websites.  I  love my job, I love my job, I love my job  (pretend you are the character Emily in the film Devil Wears Prada)  It’s just …you ever have one of those weeks days where you feel like your life is just too crazy and that you are pulling a “full on Exorcist twist” ?   Then you know what I mean…man. –Salamandergrey

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Camp Vamp

Posted by hcvp on March 29, 2007

I love it when something  someone returns to the flock!  I had forgotten just how much fun Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq was.  The last few days here in the hcvp headquarters have been a total blast!  She’s just as crazy as ever, just with better hair now….long story better in pictures of which I no longer have . p1010201_2.jpg

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Keep Wigging Me Out….

Posted by hcvp on March 12, 2007

p1010133.jpg  It’s Setla sitting in a darkly lit area of the hardcore Vamps Prods.,   office after a grooling day of working.  But wait there is more….we are getting out favourite zombie girl back too …to revise her role.

-Head Slug

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A photo from me

Posted by gmadrid on February 27, 2007


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Wanna Neck?

Posted by hcvp on February 21, 2007

Wanna Neck?

Originally uploaded by hardcorevampsprods.

Here is one from the shoot with RJ the other week

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RJ’s View

Posted by hcvp on February 16, 2007

Here is a tease from the latest photoshoot with RJ. He makes Ardeth look like a Goddess.

Ardeth through RJ’s Eyes

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From Ardeth Blood’s Blog

Posted by hcvp on February 10, 2007


The Call of Cthulhu


  • Jan. 31st, 2007 at 12:19 AM


“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents”
– H. P. Lovecraft

As a member of the Sponge Historians, and a Lovecraftian-DarkPagan, I find myself coming back to this line lately. My dreams have been wild with creatures and totems as of late, which pulled a very serious if not creepy conversation with a close male friend. He is one of the few people I can have open honest talks with -without sounding crazy. I am now at a point in my spiritual studies where I feel the need to devote completeness to one path. And teetering on the edge of the Lovecraftian views I am finding it deeper at the moment then I am ready for. I guess this comes down to Faith and how much is enough?

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