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Camp Vamp

Posted by hcvp on March 29, 2007

I love it when something  someone returns to the flock!  I had forgotten just how much fun Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq was.  The last few days here in the hcvp headquarters have been a total blast!  She’s just as crazy as ever, just with better hair now….long story better in pictures of which I no longer have . p1010201_2.jpg

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Keep Wigging Me Out….

Posted by hcvp on March 12, 2007

p1010133.jpg  It’s Setla sitting in a darkly lit area of the hardcore Vamps Prods.,   office after a grooling day of working.  But wait there is more….we are getting out favourite zombie girl back too …to revise her role.

-Head Slug

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Wanna Neck?

Posted by hcvp on February 21, 2007

Wanna Neck?

Originally uploaded by hardcorevampsprods.

Here is one from the shoot with RJ the other week

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RJ’s View

Posted by hcvp on February 16, 2007

Here is a tease from the latest photoshoot with RJ. He makes Ardeth look like a Goddess.

Ardeth through RJ’s Eyes

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From Salamandergrey’s Blog-dec 5 06

Posted by salamandergrey on February 8, 2007


Entry for November 15, 2006
How do you see yourself when you get married?
I had a woman say to me awhile back that she pictured me with the whole white church wedding. Which is as anyone who knows me just not me. She was shocked when I said I would be fine with an Drive-thru-Love-Me-Tender-Vegas-Elvis wedding, and I am not even an Elvis fan. I am always fascinated by what other women decide to do with their wedding day. Most of the females in my family had the large frilly-white wedding that was planned since they could walk. I am interested in how people are viewing the celeb weddings we keep reading about in the gossip/news. I was reading just now about the wedding of Tom Cruise this weekend, and how some of the vows might include “a cat”. Seems silly to me, but then again so does white frilly dresses that you pay $400.000 for and wear once.

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A rant and a new banner

Posted by salamandergrey on February 7, 2007

I was just working on my private blog and thought I would come over here to play too. Okay I was working on new banners so here is one. And I was yelling because some tart in one of my yahoo groups called me spam from my introduction. Just because I kept it short and to the point did not make me spam! And when I checked into her guess what I found…nothing. No profile, no pics, no nothing. and she seems to have posting-diarrhea all of course nothing that is remote to the group topic. Things to make you go “mmmmm”.banner8.jpg

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A post from Ardeth’s lj- Bewitched and Dirty

Posted by hcvp on February 6, 2007

LaOuija stories from 253

My pets, I was going through some out diaries, and came across something I wanted to share. Back in 1999, a group of us were sitting together in our basement one afternoon with our board. “Cordy” made the mistake of saying how cold it was. There was an electric heater a few feet away. It came on suddenly on its own. We all thought it was on a timer, but when I went to turn it off, I saw it wasn’t even plugged in. We as a collective screamed and ran out of the room. Just one of the many things that happened to your favourite ghoul next door while living in a very real haunted house

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