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Posted by gmadrid on May 28, 2007

Mya and Avery Brooks were born this past May 18th to Butterfly and her husband.  Butterfly (who will not let us post a photo of her)  was the other co-founder of hardcore Vamps Prods.,     We welcome the two newest vamps to the world!

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Coffe and Cigarettes…

Posted by gmadrid on May 20, 2007

harley I just wanted to say, I have added 2 photos over on Another Freak in the Freakdom   under the title of Coffee and Cigarettes.    This has got me wanting to do more on the topic, and since I seem to have blown $40 bucks this month on Starbucks I will start with the idea of us all hanging around the coffeeshops.  Cause that is what we do alot.  Stay glued to here and Another Freak in the Freakdom for the posts,  as well you can rush over to Flicker and check into my/hcvp photo accounts to see some of the pics within the topic.    MCL

-Harley Lilith Noir

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Blogging We will go…2

Posted by gmadrid on May 14, 2007

Okay so I just got rid of the hcvp’s photoblog. You can find it all here, or better yet over at Another Freak in the Freakdom

I moved everything to that blog that was at the other one and made one.

-Ginger C. Madrid

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