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Why oh Why now?

Posted by hcvp on February 5, 2007

Since we found ourselves in the past few weeks doing nothing serious and just socializing we have decided to make this blog so that we could do nothing serious and just socialize with more people.  Yes, we will post about our work, but we have other websites for just our work.  This will be more of a “lighter” side of the hcvp team.  And since we all seem to have joined a ton of groups on yahoo (most of the reason we are getting little to no work done in the last week) we have found ourselves posting in that area more and more personal things (in our personal blogs) but it is still seeping into our company time.

Since the hardcore Vamps Prods., comapany has always had an “Dark Carnival-Juggalo” mentality, it is Not frowned upon but infact Encouraged to blend our personal live into our work.  We are after all a group of Artists and Media slugs.

-Head Slug


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