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Revamping in 2012

Posted by hcvp on July 18, 2012

Just because the blog died, didn’t mean we did!

Between marriages, kids, moves across country, break ups, a few actual deaths, and creative differences, there is a revamping happening.

It’s been a few years, things have changed but the hardcore Vamps Prods., are still digging their way from the edge.


-Ardeth Blood

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More Little Ones

Posted by salamandergrey on December 2, 2007

Congrats to Erin. One of the original members of hardcore Vamps Prods.,
she gave birth to two very healthy twins this past Nov.

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Posted by hcvp on August 27, 2007


copyright hcvp’07

Yes that is me the other month. Gerry came to town; one of the few (and original) men to work with the hardcore Vamps Prods., team. We hung out, I made dinner (yes I can cook!) we had fun.

I have to say, he helped brighten things when they got bad. Because of Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. being pregnant, (she was our lead actress) and other cast/crew members moving, ontop of my continuing health problems the productions have all come to a screeching stop.

And since I am in the process of moving, I will be trying to rebuild the company when I get to where I am going. Hopefully soon.

Love and Luck-Harley Lilith Noir.

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Lush Party

Posted by hcvp on June 2, 2007

p1010238.jpg Viva -Loco Homegirl Esq. ‘s secret identity (her day job) is being a Lush Girl. Today they had a Lush Party at the store, and yours grouily went to see what all the fuss was about.  Wheeew! All this undercover snooping can make a girl tired.  Time for a nap. -Harley Lilith Noir.


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Posted by gmadrid on May 28, 2007

Mya and Avery Brooks were born this past May 18th to Butterfly and her husband.  Butterfly (who will not let us post a photo of her)  was the other co-founder of hardcore Vamps Prods.,     We welcome the two newest vamps to the world!

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Coffe and Cigarettes…

Posted by gmadrid on May 20, 2007

harley I just wanted to say, I have added 2 photos over on Another Freak in the Freakdom   under the title of Coffee and Cigarettes.    This has got me wanting to do more on the topic, and since I seem to have blown $40 bucks this month on Starbucks I will start with the idea of us all hanging around the coffeeshops.  Cause that is what we do alot.  Stay glued to here and Another Freak in the Freakdom for the posts,  as well you can rush over to Flicker and check into my/hcvp photo accounts to see some of the pics within the topic.    MCL

-Harley Lilith Noir

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Blogging We will go…2

Posted by gmadrid on May 14, 2007

Okay so I just got rid of the hcvp’s photoblog. You can find it all here, or better yet over at Another Freak in the Freakdom

I moved everything to that blog that was at the other one and made one.

-Ginger C. Madrid

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New place to grab me…

Posted by salamandergrey on April 27, 2007

robins.jpg It’s just me telling you that I have a Covenspace  and you can get me there too.  I know I am the only one without a myspace, but this is just better.

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Andrew and the Aluminumsidings

Posted by hcvp on April 22, 2007

Once again, if I did this right you have the link to Harley’s latest bitchfest.


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What’s up?

Posted by hcvp on April 20, 2007


That (if I did it right) is the link to Ardeth’s latest blog post over on her Bewitched and Dirty LiveJournal.    I am so bad new still at links and stuff.

Other stuff….Erin who was one of the original hardcore Vamps is about to have twins.  Congrats hon!  (wow! there must be something in the air around here thats TWO of the original members having twins at the same time…I better get a gasmask…)

-Head Slug

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